Systems Modelling and Decision Analytics Lab
Research at SyMDA Lab is involved with developing analytical models for solving decision making and planning problems associated with large and complex systems.

Research Team

Faculty Members

Burak Kocuk



Ayda Amniattalab

PhD Student

Deniz Tuncer

PhD Student

Soner Aydın

PhD Student

Buket Özen

MSc Student

Khosro Parviz Naderi Varandi

MSc Student

Neman Karimi

MSc Student

Zeren Alpoğlu

MSc Student

Funding available for outstanding MSc and PhD students

Past Members

Güveç Şahin

Faculty Members

Nilay Noyan

Faculty Members

Danial Esmaeili Aliabadi

Murat Elhüseyni

Post-doctoral Researcher



Journal Articles
  • Frenk, J.B.G., Javadi, S., Pourakbar M., Sezer S.O. An exact static solution approach for the service parts end-of-life inventory problem. European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 272, Issue 2, 16 January 2019, Pages 496-504.
  • Burak Kocuk & Gérard Cornuéjols (2019).  Incorporating Black-Litterman Views in Portfolio Construction when Stock Returns are a Mixture of Normals, Omega, accepted.
  • Burak Kocuk, Santanu S. Dey & X. Andy Sun (2018). Matrix Minor Reformulation and SOCP-based Spatial Branch-and-Cut Method for the AC Optimal Power Flow Problem, Mathematical Programming Computation, 10 (4), 557-596.
  • Noyan, N., Rudolf, G. (2018). Optimization with stochastic preferences based on a general class of scalarization functions, Operations Research, 66(2): 463-486.
  • Liu, X., Küçükyavuz, S., Noyan, N. (2017). Robust Multicriteria Risk-Averse Stochastic Programming Models, Annals of Operations Research, 259 (1): 259-294.
  • Atakan, S., Bülbül, K., Noyan, N. (2017). Minimizing Value-at-Risk in Single Machine Scheduling Problems, Annals of Operations Research, 248(1), 25-73.
  • Feyzioğlu, O., Noyan, N. (2017). Risk-averse Toll Pricing in a Stochastic Transportation Network,European Journal of Industrial Engineering, 11 (2): 133-167.
  • Noyan, N., B. Balçık, S. Atakan, 2016. A Stochastic Optimization Model for Designing Last Mile Relief, Transportation Science, 50 (3), 1092-1113.
  • J.B.G.Frenk, Behrooz Pourghannad, Semih O.Sezer, A static model in single-leg flight airline revenue management, Transportation Science 51(1), 214-232, 2017.
  • Aliabadi D.E., Kaya M., Şahin G. (2017). An agent-based simulation of power generation company behavior in electricity markets under different market-clearing mechanisms, Energy Policy 100:191-205. []
  • Aliabadi D.E., Kaya M., Şahin G. (2017). Competition, risk and learning in electricity markets: An agent-based simulation study, Applied Energy 195:1000-1011.[]
  • Aliabadi D.E., Kaya M., Şahin G. (2016). Determining collusion opportunities in deregulated electricity markets, Electric Power Systems Research 141:432-441. []

Theses / Dissertations

  • Khatab, Sonya Javadi (2018).On the End-of-life Inventory Problem. (Supervisors: Hans Frenk and Semih Onur Sezer)
  • Aliabadi, Danial Esmaeili (2016). Analysis of collusion and competition in electricity markets using an agent-based approach (Supervisors: Güvenç Şahin and Murat Kaya).

Prospective Students

  • All applications go through the centralized application system:
  • Detailed information about Industrial Engineering Graduate Programs (MS and PhD) can be found at the following website:
  • We offer Full Scholarship (tuition waiver, stipend and dorm) to outstanding applicants.
  • In addition, we have Project Scholarship positions available for the following projects:
    • PhD Position: Strategic Planning for Transition to Next Generation Clean Energy Technologies using Multi-Stage Stochastic Programming (PI: Burak Kocuk)
    • MS Position: Machine Learning Applications in Bundle Pricing Problem to Learn Product Valuations (PI: Ezgi Karabulut Türkseven)